About us

One of largest and fully automatic plant equipped with best in class machinery and facilities, we intend to add more vision and productivity in the industry. Also we intend to bring the pure drinks to people for a healthy and better living. Some of the highlights of plant are:

1.Manufacturers of Packaged Drinking Water and Soda Water Bottles
Sizes - 5 lt. 1 lt. 500 ml. 250 ml.
2.Packaging Plant sprawling 12000 sq. ft.
3.Located in – UPSIDC, Kursi Road
4.Capacity – Water: 1,90,000 bottles per day
5.Soda: 40,000 bottles per day
6.Generator Installed with Capacity-132Kw
7.Solar Installations planned by September, 2019


Our vision is to provide “ pure and filtered water to the world” . To provide and serve the millions of Indians and people worldwide that donot have access to clean, affordable drinking water. We strive to create a healthier future for our fellow Indians and people across the world


Our mission aligns with our goals of serving the purest water to our customers by focusing on forming a sustainable work environment and having symbiotic relationships with our clients, partners,distributors and suppliers.

Our mission is :
To become a household name in the bottle water industry.
To work with integrity and honesty
To ensure provision of clean water to all Indians and people around the world.
To ensure betterment and satisfaction for our clients, suppliers, distributors and partners by maintaining transparency and by being committed to our goals.

Vision and Mission